Margaret Sells(宋美珠), July 2,1908--December 30, 1999

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Margaret Sells, a missionary of the Presbyterian Church in the United States  (PCUS),who taught in the National Taiwan University 1952-1977, died on December 30, 1999. He memorial service was held at Bradenton Missionary Village on Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Margaret was born and grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee. Her parents, George C. and Alpha (Richardson) Sells, already had one son, William, before Margaret and another, George C. Jr. about ten years later. She attended Salem College and had just completed her studies when her father, whom she dearly loved and respected, died unexpectedly. At that time, she surrendered her life to the Lord, saying that she was born again on the day her father died. She immediately felt drawn to full-time Christian service.

Later, while teaching school in Columbia, South Carolina, she attended classes at Columbia Bible College. During a Bible Conference there, Dr. Robert McQuikin d. challenged young people to heed God’s call to the mission field. She accepted the challenge and, after reading the biography of Hudson Taylor, chose China as her field of service. In October, 1936 she sailed for Mainland China under the auspices of the China Inland Mission.

She was later invited to join the Southern Presbyterian Mission and lived in the home of Dr. and Mrs.Nelson Bell (parents of Evangelist Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth). The First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City been actively involved in her ministry ad life through the years.

Obliged to leave China during World War II, she worked with the Signal Corps using her knowledge of the Chinese lnguage, first n Miami, censoring Chinese mail, and later in Washington, D.C. In 1945, she returned to China but in 1949,just before the Communist invasion of China, she left Shanghai for kobe, Japan where she helped to organize a Chinese Church.

In 1952, she accepted an invitation to teach in the National Taiwan University and served there until she retired in 1977. In 1982, she became a resident of Bradenton Missionary Village until 1998 when she moved into Assisted Living Facilities in Bradenton. Her long, full life on earth ended on December 30, 1999 and she is now reunited with loved ones and friends who preceded her into the presence of her Lord and Savior.

Margaret chose Isaiah 58:11 as her life verse:

“The Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and make strong thy bones; and thou shalt be like a well watered garden, and like a spring of waters whose waters fail not”

She is survived by her brother, George C. Sells, Jr. of Johnson City, Tennessee and by several nieces and nephews, of whom she was very fond. She will be greatly missed by her many friends, not only here in Bradenton but around the world, including numerous former students from the National Taiwan University, and co-workers there.,who have kept in touch with her since her retirement. 


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