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十七世紀中葉荷蘭改革宗教會對北部台灣原住民的教化:以Marcus Masius牧師(1655-1662)的淡水與雞籠教務報告書為中心而述

林昌華撰 在國立台灣歷史博物館籌備處於2003年舉辦的「帝國相接之界—西班牙時期台灣相關文獻與圖像國際研討會」宣讀,而收錄於該研討會論文集。




三、Marcus Masius手稿的出現,




1, 荷蘭改革宗教會對於原住民的教育問題,

2, 原住民孩童學習荷蘭文的狀況,以及作者極力主張應當以荷蘭文來教導學生,

3, 一些學校教師的問題,


八、報告書原稿與翻譯 (另見Masius報告書原稿與翻譯)。

英文題目:The Mission of Dutch Reformed Church in North Formosa of 17th century- According to Marcus Masius’(1655-1662) manuscript on Tamsuy and Quelang’s representation….。


  1. Concerning the mission work of 17th century, previous study was focus merely on the Spaniard mission only, this was due to lack of the reliable resources related to this subject. This article based on a newfound document of Marcus Masius of who was the only missionary in North Formosa during that period. Hope to draw a sketch on the lost part of the North Formosa mission in mid17th century.

  2. Concerning the person of Marcus Masius. The rersearcher A. Ginsel suggested that he was one of the pupils of reowned missionary R. Junius. But according to other resources and Masius’ personal missionary theory prove he was not the case.

  3. This manuscript shows that at the later period of Dutch Formosa, the power of state took over the power of church after the power struggle between them, and the state manipulate mission and education enterprise which belonged to church before.

  4. The content of education reveals that they were interrelated to the shifts of theological thinking in Nederlands.

  5. Concerning the schoolmasters, they commited the same crimes as southern schoolmaster do, such as adultry or drunken. This situation never changed throughout the period of Dutch Formosa.

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