Thomas and Eleanor McNair. (麥道模夫婦)


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Taiwan Church News. Occasional Bulletin, V.9, no.5 June 1992, p.16

The McNairs arrived in Taiwan in 1981 as volunteers in mission, sent by the PCUSA. Initially they planned to stay only a short time, but each year they decided to extend their commitment. Tom(Thomas 麥道模), a retired mathematician, and Eleanor, a musician and teacher, taught English in Tainan Theological College (台南神學院); but they also became “surrogate parents” to many young theology students. They were never too busy to listen to a student with personal problems he or she needed to discuss. The McNairs’ experiences in other cultures (They had lived previously in the Middle East), their love of music and art, and their “forever young” attitude helped make them very popular, both among Taiwanese and fellow-experts.

Eleanor is currently putting on the final touches to a book of church music which will be published by Taiwan Church Press (台灣教會公報社).



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