29 December 1971(中文聲明

The Executive Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, which speaks for 200,000 Christians in Taiwan, wishes to express its extreme concern over developments in the world which could seriously affect the lives of all who live on this island. Based on our belief that Jesus Christ is Lord of all men, the righteous Judge and Saviour of the world, we voice our concern and our request, and in doing so we are convinced that we speak not only for the church but for all our compatriots.


We the people on Taiwan love this island which, either by birth or chance, is our home. Some of us have roots here going back a thousand years; the majority count a residence of two or three centuries while some have come since the Second World War. We are all well aware of our different backgrounds and even conflicts, but at present we are more aware of a common certainty and shared conviction. We long to live here in peace, freedom and justice. And we do not wish to be governed by Peiping.

We note with concern that President Nixon will soon visit the Chinese Mainland. Some member countries of the United Nations are advocating the transfer of Taiwan to mainland rule, while others insist on direct negotiations between Taipei and Peiping which means substantially the same betrayal of the people on Taiwan.

We oppose any powerful nation disregarding the rights and wishes of fifteen million people and making unilateral decisions to their own advantage, because God ordained, and the United Nations Charter has affirmed, that every people has the right to determine its own destiny.


Our nation has recently become the victim of international political bargaining in world affairs. If this trend is not soon reversed, some day in the near future the people on Taiwan may share the tragic fate of people in countries of eastern Europe which have been oppressed by communism. In order to maintain our position and reputation in the international community, we therefore, request our government and people better to grasp the opportunities available to raise our demand for justice and freedom, and for thorough internal renewal.

Recently the government has stressed the use of new people in official positions. Therefore we earnestly request that, within the Taiwan area, it hold elections of all representatives to the highest government bodies to succeed the present representatives who were elected 25 years ago on the mainland. The Federal Republic of Germany is not yet unified with East Germany, but its people have been able to elect a new representative government under a temporary constitution. This is an example which our government might consider. Such a political system has enabled the Federal Republic of Germany to find an honourable place among the world nations, even though so far it is not a member of the United Nations.

We believe that such demonstration of renewal and progress will give the people of other nations, as well as our own, the assurance that justice and internal harmony reigns within.


H. Y. Liu , Moderator of the General Assembly                    C. M. Kao, General Secretary