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January 1885

1885.01.01 Thursday

Ther. 50'. noon 60’, Clear sky. lovely day-- --- At 9 A.M. Mr. & Mrs. Jamieson, Mrs. Mackay. Sun-a, Tsai-a. I-li, Ma-lien. Pai-chi & Kian Bok-su all in our room. We all prayed. before closing Mr. Coleman came & prayed. I spoke in Chinese on John 12:26. Went with Coleman & called on Mrs. Ball & Mr. Hagom, not in, Mr. Simmons in, -- night on Mt.25: 1-13. Virgins (John Gibson)

1885.01.02 Friday

Ther. 54'. Read and taught all day. Forenoon went down town with Coleman spent some time in the gardens-- looking at plants etc. In eve. Coleman put in an appearance - Eve. I spoke on Numbers (民數記)11:11. Then spent a very pleasant eve. Retired early--

1885.01.03 Saturday

Ther.50'. windy and cloudy, rose early. went down with Coleman. back and then to court with Jamieson about a man who tried to interpose and make a squeeze. came back at 11 A.M.-- cold, windy, cloudy; but no rain--

1885.01.04 Sunday

Ther. 58' in morning. lovely all day-- went down to hear Dr. Eitel. spoke on Mark "Come after me"-- afternoon I examined Sun & Tsai-a on Nile made into blood--

In eve. I and Tsai-a went to Union Mr. Hagen Preach.

1885.01.05 Monday

Ther.55' heavy dew last night-- rose to 60' at noon, made up acc-

then read & studied. taught Sun-a & Tsai-a.--Took exercise walking all around-- read portions of vegetable world-- In eve. spoke on Exodus (出埃及記) 8:1-14, about Frogs. chhan-Kap-a, sui-koe . chhoe=crawl

1885.01.06 Tuesday

Ther.60' in morning. No dew last night Read I-hut-so(以弗所書) iah The-to(提多書), Ma-kho(馬可). (read) Works on Botany, Sachs'. all about leaves, plants, etc. In eve. at 7 P.M.--explained Si-phien(詩篇) 42:6 Bi-sat-soaN iah lun. Nga-kok, Iok-sek, Mo-se, Tan-i-li, Pi-tek, Po-lo-- all time to remember--

1885.01.07 Wednesday

Ther. 65 Mist, hun-bu, not see 30 ft. ahead--questioned Sun-a kap Tsai-a on si-phian (詩篇)42--

Read & studied all day. In eve. spoke on Gen.(創世記)1:9 Lim-lok, or Chhiu--

see Ps.(詩篇)1:3. also 104:16 also 52:8 & Prov.(箴言) 3:13-18 & Jere(耶利米)17:7-8

1885.01.08 Thursday

Ther 54'. Not very clear, windy and cool. Taught and drilled Sun-a kap Tsai-a in Ma-kho(馬可) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 chap--Read Botany and

Dana's Geology-- at 4:30 P.M. Started for Stonehenge. Mr. Lockhart. They playing ‘lawn Tennis’. In eve. he read about Formosa, dinner, I spoke at table of Canada.

1885.01.09 Friday

Ther.56'. Dark with mist cold, raw, wind blowing mist about, chilly--clouds flying in every direction, like snow drifts in Canada. Read and studied also taught all day. In eve. spoke on 1 Kings(列王紀上) 17:6-- O-li-peng Raven= o-a-chiau. I-li-a ti Ki-lip-Khoe. It was miraculous. Raven Commanded--

1885.01.10 Saturday

In morn. Ther. 56'. cold; but clear-- Read and studied all day, also teaching the two students, drilling them etc. In the eve, went a long way for exercise then spoke on Rom.(羅馬人書)12:1. about sacrificing giving one's Self to Jesus etc. etc.

1885.01.11 Sunday


In morning went to hear Dr. Eitel spoke on “evil spirit” etc.--- afternoon I called in the children and spoke about giving thanks for everything. In eve. onPs(詩篇) 19:10. Scriptures precious --- Retired wearied.

1885.01.12 Monday (Ordered eve. Paper ‘China Mail for 6 mos.)

Ther. 56’. Misty. Mail came, looked over the papers etc. Taught and studied all forenoon. At 2 P.M. with Sun-a & Tsai-a went to call on Mr. Techler, saw girls school about 40 there, heard them sing. etc. Then I called on Dr. Eitel, who was Just going out. Called on Dr. Mansen---

1885.01.13 Tuesday

Ther. 50’. So dense was the fog that I cd not see 20 feet ahead-- Hanging nearly all day-- Read and studied also taught. In eve. spoke again on Ps.(詩篇) 19:10-- Referred to Coal Harbor also digging anywhere for precious metals--Cool in eve.

1885.01.14 Wednesday

Ther.49’- cold and raw day. explain Gala.(加拉太書)1:1-5. also read Phillipians(腓立比書), taught Sun-a and Tsai-a-- Very cold and misty--

In eve. spoke on the Gal.(加拉太書) 1:1--all about Paul being an Apostle.

1885.01.15 Thursday

Ther.47’ Misty on top of Peak. very cold bleak and cold--

Taught all day. at noon Albert Sutliffe called. he is correspondent for Chicago “Tribune" etc. New York "Tribune. San Francisco "Chronicle". In eve. I spoke on Gal. (加拉太書) 1:2 on "Grace" un-tien. peng-an. Colored constable called.

1885.01.16 Friday

Ther.47’. Misty cold. wrote to Rev. Dr. Wardrope. Dr. Reid. Bro. James. also to Li-chhun. Taught forenoon then went with Sun-a, and Tsai-a to Town. Called on the Dentist. Walked up and down. Eve. Police man came in. Alves by name. I gave him a Bible. Eve. Worship--

1885.01.17 Saturday

Ther. 50’-- Misty, cold and raw-- So misty as not to be able to see around any distance. Fog. fog. fog. rather cold. Studied and taught.

In eve. Spoke on Gal. (加拉太書) 1:2. Grace grows conditions of growth etc.

1885.01.18 Sunday

Ther.48’ -- Fog, dark, dense like huge clouds all round, wet, though not rain. 11 A.M. went to Union Ch. Dr. Eitel. Coleman came up. Windy, Stormy. glass 46'. I spoke on "Sword of spirit" In eve. Jeremiah (耶利米書)(6:16 about old paths--

1885.01.19 Monday

Ther. 44'. Lowest yet. clearer. cold not much fog. Coleman went down--

Taught all day and at 2 P.M. went down to Dentist to have teeth attended to. In eve. expounded Isai. (以賽亞書)33:17. About 'The land afar off, which also refers to heaven. There see more clearly--

1885.01.20 Tuesday

Ther.48’-- clear, bracing and cold. Some wind. Reviewed 1st. & 2nd. Peter--

at 2 P.M. went down to Dentist met Coleman there. he came up. at the house had exercise. In eve. I spoke on Isai. (以賽亞書)33:17 about seeing the King in His beauty, Xt our King over all Sh'd obey Him. Quite cold---- Xt =Christ

1885.01.21 Wednesday

Ther. 49’ In morning fog and mist again. went down with Coleman and then to the Dentist Dr. Poate, Came back alone-- Cold and fogy. Bleak. Taught etc.--In eve. spoke on Dan.(但以理書)3:18, about Sa-tek-lap, Bi-sat, A-pek-ni-kho,. To be calm is tsai-ngo!

Spoke about the three men being calm, courageous. ho-tam-lek. At 6. Mr. Lockhart and Mr. Colquhoun came and remained an hour or so. Sun-a & Tsai-a showed them how the PiN-po-hoan dance--

1885.01.22 Thursday

Ther.55’. Fog. damp. chilly. etc. went down at 3 P.M. to Dentist. back immediately to teach and study. Drilling Sun-a & Tsai-a in what I went over--

In eve. they both spoke and went over 12 verses--wearied at night--

1885.01.23 Friday

(Governor ordered French not to coal etc. in H.K.)

Ther 58. Fog dense and thick, but not so cold-- wrote to Dr. Gulick Shanghai about troubles in Nor Formosa-- seven chapels levelled to the ground--

In eve. Mr. Colquhoun and Ford called. we conversed about Formosa some time, then they left--

1885.01.24 Saturday

Ther. 56’- Fog dense. I went down at 9.A.M. with Sun-a to the gardens. walked for some time taking observations--

In eve. spoke on Rom.(羅馬人書)3:22. “There is no difference”. Like Teacher give 1000 characters to learn. 999 won't do--- etc. etc.

1885.01.25 Sunday

Ther. 56.’ Fog and cloudy, went with Jamieson to union Ch. heard Dr. Eitel on prayer etc.—Spoke on Queen Victoria and Norman Macleod. coolies came in. also referred to last eve. address ---

1885.01.26 Monday

Ther.54’., Fog, clouds. drizzling, windy-- very disagreeable all day. Windy, cloudy-- went down town and found Dentist not at home. came back. not very well. Still doing some work-- In eve. spoke on Zechariah(撒加利亞書) 4:10. “Day of small things. referred to London. Estab. by Brute a Trojan now 5,000,000. 1000 churches---

1885.01.27 Tuesday

Ther. 54’- Fog, dense, could not see the town b(e)low. Reading Chinese & teaching --went to the Dentist and found clear below. Came back and noticed we were Just coming into the cloud. Living right in the cloud. In eve. spoke on Sak-ka-li-a 4:10 " Day of small things".

1885.01.28 Wednesday

Ther.43’. clear and cold. 8 English man of war in Hong Kong. went down at 8 A.M. At 4 P.M. Lien-ho.seng and O came up. They arrived last night at Hong Kong--In eve. I spoke on Deuteronomy (申命記)8:2.

1885.01.29 Thursday

Ther. 44’. Cloudy; but cold and more bracing. Read Collosians(歌羅西書). went down town and all through the garden with Lien Ho. Seng, O, Sun-a, Tsai-a and Mrs. Mackay. I came back alone-- In eve. Spoke on 1st. Sam.(撒母耳記) 14:27. Jonathon dipped his cane in honey. ----

1885.01.30 Friday

Ther.44'.. Cold, cloudy also. very raw and bleak. Went down to Dentist as usual. Returned and taught. Read and studied. Not very well in health. Feeling feverish etc.-- In eve. spoke on Gen.(創世記)6-14--

1) Danger ahead. 2) Prepare. 3) Refuge. Enter it

1885.01.31 Saturday

Ther.45’. Charming morning, went with Mr(s). M and three preachers. Tsai-a and Sun-a to cemetry. Saw one grave and photo of man who died. 32 years old-- Went around town. Came back and read ----- In eve. prayer meeting. pray for A Hoa--


1885.02.01 Sunday

Ther.50'. charming morning went down to worship. Dr. Eitel preached. then commem. the dying love of Jesus. Mr. Techler administer Lord's Supper-- In eve. went down. again Mr. Crawford preached. all went down. In eve. prayer meeting.

1885.02.02 Monday

Ther.48’: Lovely morning with students went to town. Saw soldiers on “review" then went to the Museum room. I got our Mail and came back to the house, read and studied also taught. Worship in the eve. I spoke on Psalm (詩篇)8:4. two views of man, think of him as nothing also everything.

1885.02.03 Tuesday

Ther. 50’. Cloudy yet a very good day for travelling. with two students and 3 preachers went down to Aberdeen and walked back. Then I went down to Hong Kong and had my teeth attended to. came back and in eve. spoke on Ex.(出埃及記)24:16 1st. Delusions about nature----

1885.02.04 Wednesday

Ther.48’. Dense fog and rain from the same-- Wrote to Consul & enclosed letter for A Hoa(阿華)-- met Coleman on the Street and he came up with us. In eve. spoke on same subject being Ex. 24:16. Fog. fog. fog-- Rain.

Read in eve ---Then retired----

1885.02.05 Thursday

Ther. 56'--- Fog. or rather living in the cloud--Colman went down after dinner with us and then he left. We returned and when at tea. In comes Colman to say Mr. Dowlsley on board. Mrs. Mac. Sun-a, Tsai-a, etc. came along down with him and we boarded. spent a Charming eve. Mr. Edwards etc. on board. came back at 10 P.M.

1885.02.06 Friday

Ther- 56’-- Still in the cloud and Fog--went down to town and had my teeth attended to. two filled. came back and studied also taught. Terrible weather, blowing a gale all day and dense, dense clouds and fog. In eve. I spoke on I Chron. (歷代志上)29:5. Lek-tai-chi-liok 29:5-- Gi-bin, gi-iong, lien-iong =volunteer.

1885.02.07 Saturday

Ther. 54'. Rather lovely day, clear and pleasant , Jamieson's and the three Preachers -- also Sun-a and Tsai-a. went across to the Dock on the other side. Returned and then read etc. Colquhoun and Lockhart called. In eve. prayer meeting. I read Psalm (詩篇)126. Prayed for "Chinese Gordon"---

1885.02.08 Sunday

Ther. 58'. Still in dark, heavy cloud, wet, damp, miserable. went down to Union ch. Dr. Eitel on Call of Levi or Mathew. In eve. I spoke on Numbers (民數記)24:25. Pa-lan & Pa-lek- one a King, the other a Prophet---

1885.02.09 Monday

Ther.56’. In a dense cloud-- wrote to Rev.Dr. Wardrope-- about one Killed at Kelung by shell unexploded. & one convert died Tek-iong also A-Hoa (阿華)got my instructions. Consul doing well now. am grieved; but not discouraged. will preach again whether French or Chinese etc.

1885.02.10 Tuesday

Ther. 56’- Clouds and mist-- Went down and Mrs. M and 5 Preachers took Photos. I went out to see Dr. Happer but sea was rough. Returned and went to Tain-hong-lan. and ate. came home in eve. Spoke on Mk.1:40- Leper-

1885.02.11 Wednesday

Ther 50'. Cloudy. Sun-a, Tsai-a, O, Lien Ho started at 9 A.M. went by Aberdeen and round and round till came to Stanley, saw some foreign houses, fort also water works. large tubes tsui-keng-- and blasting a tunnel for the tubes. fine geological views of decomposed granite--

American mail came in.

1885.02.12 Thursday

Ther. 50’. cloudy, wrote to Tait & Co. Amoy--

visited the gardens, which was opened at 2 P.M. saw fruits and flowers--fine ferns, Geraniums, narcissus etc. Had conversation with Mr. Faber Dr. And Mrs. Gravers--Mr. Ford etc.

Heard that Gordon was killed etc. In eve. spoke on Jeremiah (耶利米書)46:24. Enemy will be punished--

1885.02.13 Friday

Ther. 50’---Still cloudy-- all forenoon I studied then after dinner went down to the Dentist Dr. Poate. and walked around with students looking at soldiers drill etc. In eve. I spoke on Jeremiah 13:23. “Can the Ethiopian etc. He can't change. nor can the Leopard. Man diversity of gifts. can’t change. can change moral nature.

1885.02.14 Saturday

Ther. 50'. Clear and cold-- wind from N. East.--Dr. and Mrs Graves came and stayed all day. Had a very agreeable conversation on mission work etc. In eve they left. Day rather pleasant on the whole though cloudy etc. Eve. prayer meeting—Prayed for A-Hoa and the work--

1885.02.15 Sunday

Ther. 48’. cloudy, windy and cold-- went to Union Ch. heard Dr. Eitel and thought much of the subject. Xt. the Bridegroom. In eve. I spoke on Psalm(詩篇)37:7. Rest & wait. Must be nearer God as centre of circle--

1885.02.16 Monday

Ther. 49'. cold, cloudy-- with the five Preachers went round by LaPraiks and near the fort. saw the Governor. and volunteers firing two big guns. good firing--In eve. Mr. Jamieson made his first attempt to speak. about Prodigal son.---

1885.02.17 Tuesday

Ther. 46’. Still fogy---cold etc. Read -- went across to Kow-loon at noon and wandered about for a house at last found it near the sea. came back in sam-pan. and walked up the hill. Found Mr. Hagar & a Dr. Gordon from Japan awaiting us-- Spent a very pleasant eve. They went down at 8 P.M. Had worship first. Seng, Sun-a & O spoke on a verse of Gal. (加拉太書)1:--

1885.02.18 Wednesday

Ther. 45'. very cold. cold all night. not clear still not enveloped in clouds-- went around town and came back. not very well. read and studied all day. In eve-- Preachers spoke on Gal.(加拉太書)1:1-5-- all did very well--

1885.02.19 Thursday

Ther. 44'. Cold and cloudy! but not in the clouds-- with the Preachers. I went away around by the road Just above the Governor's place--saw a very small Chinaman 42 years old-- Came back and prepared for eve. Each preacher spoke on a parable etc. Heard of Russian flag over French settlement Shanghai.

1885.02.20 Friday

Ther.50'. Clear day rather pleasant. Myself and Mrs. Mac. called on Mr. Ball. Mr. Hagar & Dr. Chalmers---Then Mr. Hagar, Dr. Matheson, and Mr. Ashmore came up with me. we all dined together then they left and I spent the time in study and teaching.

1885.02.21 Saturday

Ther50'. wet in the morning. Read Mathew (馬太福音) with students. In the afternoon went to the Flag staff. gathered Quartz crystals. came back. and had worship. Jamieson spoke on Virgins 5

wise etc.- Read till late. Disagreeable weather.

1885.02.22 Sunday

Ther.49’. cloudy but somewhat more pleasant. Heard Dr. Eitel on ‘sab. Made for man’ etc. In eve. I spoke on ' Song of Solomon, 2:12. Flowers . Hoe khai i.e. in spring-- 4000 years winter. Heathen winter. Unconverted winter. Grave winter.

1885.02.23 Monday

Ther. 48’. cold and bleak-- wet and cloudy, disagreeable all day-- at noon war ships fired salute because Sun. 22 i.e. Yesterday Washingtons birth-day. In afternoon, Read and taught till eve--

1885.02.24 Tuesday

Ther. 42’. cold, Pouring down rain the most of the day. Miserable weather—all day ---- cold also throughout the whole day. Ther. 43', Rain, fog, mist. also somewhat windy. Nothing unusual. Reading most of the day--

1885.02.25 Wednesday

Ther. 42’-- Very cold and disagreeable-- went down town. Met Mr. Colman-- who came up with me-- wet, very wet & cold.

In eve. Seng, Lien Ho & O spoke very well all interested--

1885.02.26 Thursday

Ther.48’-- In morn. rather pleasant. Mr. Colman went down town. at noon I went down We had a ride out to ‘Happy Valley’. ----- Turned out wet and cloudy. came back at 5 P.M-- and in the eve. Sun-a, Tsai-a and Seng spoke on passages of the Bible very well indeed.

1885.02.27 Friday

Ther.46’. still cloudy and cold. Mr. Colman left at 7 A.M. With Mrs. Mackay and preachers went away round by the race course. Saw two remarkable ourang outangs -- In eve. Spoke about evolution etc. Prepared to move----

1885.02.28 Saturday

Ther. 50’ Moved in the forenoon and went all around Kowloon, looking at flowers etc. in the garden. trees and all sorts of things. Very lovely indeed walking near the sea—