Christina Holmes Died


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Taiwan Church News. Occasional Bulletin, V.11, no.5 July/August 1994, p.12

Christina Sybil Holmes(賀恩惠), a former missionary sent by the Overseas Missions Committee of the Presbyterian Church of England(英國長老教會), now part of CWM, died at home on July 30th. She had died in sleep.

Christina Holms came to Taiwan in November of 1950 and left in July of 1976. She had served at the Changhua Christian Hospital (彰化基督教醫院) as Nursing Superintendent for 25 years, until she retired at the age of 63 in 1976. Afterwards she had volunteered at. local nursing homes in England. During her time of service at Changhua Christian the hospital grew from a handful of beds and three doctors to around 250 beds and 50 doctors. (Today, the hospital has around 1100 beds and a few hundred doctors.)

MS. Holmes’ funeral service was held Wednesday, August 10th, at Earle Road United Reformed Church, Liverpool, England. Letters of condolences may be sent to Mrs D. Fellows, (her sister, with whom she had lived in the last year of her life) at 62 Rudston Road, Liverpool, L16 4PH, U.K. May God bestow peace on the family.



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