Canadian Missionary Heroine Passes Away


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Taiwan Church News. Occasional Bulletin, V.9, no.6 Jury/August 1992 p.16

Hildur Hermanson,(和為貴) a Canadian Presbyterian nurse who risked her life to rescue wounded Taiwanese during the Feb. 28 Incident of 1947, passed away in her native Canada on June 19, 1992. Ms. Hermanson was 92 years old. 

She first arrived in Formosa (Taiwan) in 1931 as a medical missionary. She soon became nursing director at Mackay hospital (馬偕醫院)and established the hospital’s outstanding nursing training system. In 1940, she and all other western missionaries were forced to leave Taiwan by the island’s Japanese colonizers. Following the conclusion of the war, Ms. Hermanson returned as part of the UN’s Rehabilitation Committee, and helped Mackay Hospital to rebuild. 

She was an eyewitness to much of the horror of the “2-28 Incident” in which Nationalist KMT troops massacred uncounted thousands of Taiwanese. She led other

Nurses, at great personal risk, to rescue wounded civilians lying in the streets, and carried them into the hospital to receive treatment. Her deeds were recounted in the first English book to expose the “2-28 Incident”, Formosa Betrayed, by George Kerr, an American diplomat and critic of the KMT regime. 

Starting in 1950 she took her medical skills to the villages and towns far from the hustle and bustle of Taipei, giving treatment and informative talks on women’s health  issues and other basic health problems to both plains (Han Taiwanese) and mountain (aboriginal) areas. From 1961 till her retirement in 1965 Ms. Hermanson devoted her considerable energies to medical evangelism among aborigines. 

Following her return to Canada, she continued to work to improve society, and in 1990, at the age of 90, she was awarded an honorary degree from Vancouver School of Theology in recognition of her life and ministry, both in Canada and in Taiwan.

Ms. Hermanson spent nearly thirty years sharing the Gospel of Christ with the people of Taiwan. She devoted her medical skills and her energy to help improve Taiwan’s society, as well as her own homeland. The PCT treasures her commitment and her sacrifice, and we grieve at her passing.



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