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The Presbyterian Record. January 1914.(V.39,No.1) p.13-14

Letter from Miss Mabel G Clazie.(黎媽美姑娘

Tamsui, Formosa, October 15th, 1913.

Dear Dr. Mackay:

  You will be glad to know that Miss Kinney (金仁理姑娘) has reached us safely. We are all so glad to welcome her again, and are hoping now that we may be able to do more country work.

  I visited some of our country stations during the holidays, and the people do seem so ready and anxious to hear. Now is certainly our opportunity here, if only there were more of us to overtake the work.

  At one place I visited this summer, we went out after an afternoon meeting to visit some of the homes, and they led us directly to the home of a woman who had lately become interested.

  She invited us to go in and “speak the gospel’ in her home. She called the other women of the household, and we had an audience of about a dozen. We cannot say how much they understood, but we pray that words spoken may bear fruit.

  Some of the women came out to service that night, and one with whom I had a long conversation afterward seemed to be anxious to find out the Truth. I don’t think I ever found one inquiring so earnestly. We are evidences, here and there, of the Spirit’s working among the people and we do hope to be able to take advantage of every opportunity.

  In the station I have just mentioned, the church (or rather just a rented room) has only been opened about a year, and the interest is most encouraging. Some, openly opposed about a year ago, are now earnest hearers.

  That is just one station, but wherever we go, we find the people ready to listen, and we know His Word shall not return void. In many cases it may not be accepted but we go on in faith, knowing that the increase will come.

  We do so need your prayers for the work in this Island and for ourselves that we may be faithful to the trust that is given us  



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