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Mrs. Joyce McMilliam 見於《故謝緯牧師醫師紀念集》1971 .p.4

應瑪喜樂(Joyce Meredith McMilliam,二林喜樂保育院創辦人)之請,謝緯醫師在她的聖經封面堶間A



Asked to write a verse inside the front cover of my Bible, Dr Sia wrote

“I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.”(Acts 26:19)

These few words characterized the life of the ma God used to influence so many people toward a Christ-centered life. The seeds he has sown even now are bearing fruit, reproducing and scattering seeds again for the Lord of the harvest.

The Lord used a few words Dr. Sia said in my church in Berkeley, California, to open my heart to the needs in Taiwan, and consequently changed the pattern of my life. Later I saw at first hand the dedication of this man of God, and of his wife and family, who so unselfishly gave their support to his work. Now many hands are continuing the work of the Lord, because of Dr. Sia`s faithfulness. May we all, with Dr. Sia, be able to say, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.”  



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