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Mrs.Lillian R. Dickson (孫理蓮《故謝緯牧師醫師紀念集》1971 .p.1-2 譯文 「悼念謝緯醫師」同書 p.98-99


Dr. Sia and I were the best of friends for over twenty years. I first knew him as a member of the Mennonite Medical Mobile Clinic. Then we had to climb mountains, wade rivers, and sleep and eat under all sorts of conditions. Often the patients would be several hundred a day and sometimes a thousand, so even though we had a team of workers, still it was a strain. Yet, under all these conditions, hard unrelenting work and rugged living conditions, he was never depressed or irritable, but always cheerful and happy. 

His unselfishness was astounding in an age when most people were self-seeking. When he returned from studying in he States he could have been superintendent of any of the Christian hospitals on the island which would have given him more money and prestige, but he turned them all down in order to work full-time for the helpless and most needy.

At his own hospital he had a multitude of mountain patients streaming in; at the Blackfoot Hospital he was the only surgeon who would give his time and talent without cost to these victims, and along the West Coast he also started another hospital because the people were poor and it was a bitter need. He was vastly overworked and yet never complained.

We had a happy Christian relationship and enjoyed the times we were together, planning for new work and hw better to carry on the work now established. Once we made a trip by car all around the Island visiting all our clinics. At other times he would come and visit our clinics and T.B. sanitariums and give us sage advice.

Because he was first of all an earnest and ardent Christian, because he was whole-hearted in his devotion and his desire to give his whole life to His service, because he was gay, lovable and unselfish, he was beloved of many friends, and we know from Heaven he has not forgotten us and is helping us still.


Mrs.Lillian R. Dickson



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