We hope these on-line resources would help who like to know more or study history of Christianity (especially Presbyterian Church) in Taiwan in some ways.

The site presently has three major areas.

  1. John Lai’s “Kau-hoe-su-oe”《教會史話》series,arranged by articles numbers. Click here to find its full contents.

  2. From Lai’s Scrap-files.with sub-sections, such as :
    Aboriginal Believers (原住民信徒), Around Rev. G.L.Mackay (馬偕的周邊) ,Books in Taiwanese(台文書刊),Books related  (架藏圖書選) Homeland Believers (本土信徒), Japanese Believers (日人列傳), List of Missionaries (宣教師一覽表),Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (PCT台灣基督長老教會), Related works by fellow scholars (諸家論述),Foreign Protestant Missionaries (宣教師), Western Catholic priests & sisters (外國神父修女)Mission Alumni Column( 退休宣教師專欄 ), etc. Click subsections to find their full contents

  3. Around John Lai' with subsections like :
    John’s life (賴永祥生平),Read the works of John Lai (讀賴永祥著作), Interview with John (賴永祥專訪), Items related to the Lais (賴家的記事.),Items related to Laus of Tai-lam (台南劉家雜錄) etc. Click subsections to find their full contents. 

The site is prepared mainly for readers who understand Chinese language, but you will also find materials shown in English, in Japanese or in Romanized Taiwanese.

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